Update #2 Sound Effects / Voice Changer and a new look

Update #2 Sound Effects / Voice Changer and a new look
Sound Effects
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The SoundRecorder app has undergone some exciting changes, with the addition of four new sound effects that allow you to manipulate their recordings in different ways. These effects include Reverb, PitchShift, Phaser, and Distortion, which can be used to alter the sound of your voice or any other recorded sound.


Reverb is an effect that adds a slight echo to your recording, creating the impression that you're in a particular environment. This can be useful for creating a more immersive listening experience or for adding a sense of space to your recordings. With the new Reverb effect, you can easily adjust the level of echo to suit their needs.

Pitch Shift

PitchShift is another effect that has been added to the SoundRecorder app, allowing you to change the pitch of their voice or other recorded sounds. This can be used to create a comical effect by making your voice sound higher or lower than usual. The PitchShift effect can also be used to correct pitch issues in a recording, making it a useful tool for musicians and podcasters.


The Phaser effect is a new addition that adds an electronic aspect to your recordings. This effect creates a swirling, phased sound that can be used to add texture and interest to your recordings. The Phaser effect can be adjusted to create a subtle or more pronounced effect, depending on your preferences.


Finally, the Distortion effect adds a gritty, grungy quality to your recordings, making it sound like you've been a smoker for decades. This effect can be useful for adding character and depth to your voice or other recorded sounds. The level of distortion can be adjusted to create a subtle or more intense effect.

In addition to the new sound effects, the SoundRecorder app has also undergone a complete overhaul of its user interface. The buttons have been shrunk down and now display horizontally with symbols instead of text. This change makes the app more streamlined and easier to use, particularly for those who are new to the app or are not familiar with the previous interface.

If you are unsure what a particular button does, they can simply hover over it to reveal a tooltip, which provides a brief description of its function. This feature makes it easier for you to navigate the app and access its various features and functions.

Overall, the latest update to the SoundRecorder app brings some exciting new features and improvements to its interface. The addition of four new sound effects and the updated user interface make the app more versatile and user-friendly, allowing you to create unique and engaging recordings with ease. Whether you're a musician, podcaster, or just enjoy recording sounds, the SoundRecorder app is definitely worth checking out.